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Cant log in to skype

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Casual Tourist



I have window 8. Suddenly i cant log into the regular skype. So i uninstall it, and then I download the app from windows store. when i try to log in with my skype name it tells me i have inserted the wrong user or password. Both my user and password works fine when logging in to skype online. What is the problem?

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Casual Adventurer

whats the difference w/ windows8 and skype.... i am not liking windows8 when trying to do sometning so simple (like skype).. my problem.. i posted before and dont know why skype is not working using w/ windows8 (below)


with my new acer netbook windows8, I see in (I am logged in) Skype "My account michael mulheran Profile completeness 80% ", etc etc..  That's it, where do I click to do a video chall?!  In my other netbook windows7... it is so much easier.  That netbook is under another skype account and it sees my account (michael.mulheran) but of course it says "this person has not shared their details..."

Can you help me please get Skype do a video call from this netbook w/ windows8?


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