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Cannot log in with Windows 8.1

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Novel Tourist

So I recently downloaded windows 8.1 and ever since my skype has been acting funky. When I click the tab to open it it takes me to the Merge screen although ive already merged my account and at the bottom it says im signed in. HOWEVER I cannot get past this screen.


If I click I have a skype account and try to sign in, it tells me that the account is already merged and that I need to log out and merge another one.


If I click new to skype it tells me I already have an account.



I dont know how to fix this and would love to help.

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Novel Adventurer

Same prob.. I enter my credentials and the skype app redirects to desktop...

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Casual Tourist

Same here - I guess because my Skype user name is different from my Microsoft Account user name... How can I overide either username??

Novel Adventurer

Same problem and can't share computer with my kids who have different logins for skype - is there an answer?

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Casual Tourist

Same problem. Using my non-MS login credentials Windows 8.1 just refuses to accept my valid combination of email and password. Verified by simultaniously logging in on a different Win7 PC. This is rediculous Microsoft.

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Novel Tourist

same here! after 8.1

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Novel Tourist
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Novel Tourist

I'm having the same exact problem. Wish I didn't have to merge my windows account with virtually everything.

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Novel Tourist

Same here - does the desktop version solve this problem as usggested?

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I tried to add my skype account to my microsoft computer, bit it did not work.

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