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Cannot hear Skype when switch to desktop.

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Yesterday I didn't have any problems with Skype at all working perfect. Not turned my computer off or changed any settings or anything but today when I'm in a call if i alt+tab to desktop or go to the start screen skype's call goes off and I can't hear the person I'm on the call with and they can't hear me, but the minute I alt+tab back into Skype it's all still running call still going and we can hear eachother again.


For now I have gotten around this issue by running it on the side of the screen, but since I use my Skype whilst gaming it's not ideal as it means running all my games in windowed mode so that I can fit them into the reduced screen area.


Hope someone has some information that might be able to help me, I've looked around inside the settings and not seen anything that could help.



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Just updating to see if I get any actual help still having this issue happened today and yesterday again, although yesterday it was working properly for a while then I went into Skype to reply to a IM and when I switched back it went. An my friend I've been talking to doesn't have this issue with his.

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Don't have a solution... but I have the same problem, came looking here for a solution.

Win8 using skype when going to desktop skype is gone, when I switch back everything is normal again... really annoying
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I also need help with this!


If I am in a conversation with someone via Skype "Modern", and then change to the desktop, the conversation is muted until i switch back to the application again.


This is really annoying! Because I want to be able to game and Skype on the same time!

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I am also having trouble with this, as soon as i switch to desktop or even Metro, my skype call goes into a sleep state i guess? As soon as i switch back to the app, my call is still ongoing and i can communicate with my contact again.


Please fix this, because this is the only Metro App that i find usefull right now, and its not working properly!

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Having the same problem! Please fix this a.s.a.p. !!!

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Hey guys, just thought id tell you that i managed to fix the problem by uninstalling my Realtek sound drivers, and just using the defualt Windows 8 sound drivers. Now Skype works correctly in the background of Metro and my Desktop while playing games etc.

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Just wondering if there's anything new on this? I've just recently installed Windows 8 Pro and having the exact same problem as already mentioned.

I uninstalled my Realtek audio drivers and used the default ones, and this worked for about a day before it started muting on window change again - despite the realtek drivers still being uninstalled.


Any help at all is very much appreciated.

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I've not heard anything yet, still getting the same issue, I've resulted to downloading the normal desktop skype and using that untill its made aware how to fix this problem.

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Actually, I think I've found the solution... I was also having issues with the Win8 Music App volume decreasing to about 10% on window change as well, so while searching that problem, I inadvertantly fixed the Skype issue.


This may sound strange, but... Reinstall your video card driver/s. Specifically the HDMI Audio drivers associated with your video card. It seems there may be a conflict somewhere, but as soon as I did that both the Music app and Skype were completely fixed. It's lasted 2 days so far, so see what happens


Hope this helps!

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