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Cange skype account on windows 8 start screen

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I entered an acoount id & password on Skype for windows 8 start screen...Now I want it to change account to the another account which I use more frequently...Unfortunately I can't find Sign out option on skype for windows 8 start screen...


Can you please tell me how can I change my account id!


Thank you

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Sign Out option is available only if you are on "Local" account.


Win + C >> Settings >> Change PC settings >> Users >> Switch to a local account.



Now try to Signing Out Skype.


Run Skype >> Win + C >> Settings >> Options >> sign out.




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I was looking for a solution to this too, and came to read your reply.

But the thing is, there is no option to sign out. My skype account is stuck on my windows account, and the account that I want to use is a Gmail.

I changed the main email to my account, but it still remained the same. 


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I come to share the same problem with you ..!! did you find any solution ?? please if you did tell me .. because mhen i exit the account i am in to enter to another a window comes up and asks for my email and password ... when i give those it enters automatically to the account i was before !! How can we type a new account !???

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i tried the ptions given above but nothing happened ... same thing ... but i can not enter the option area of skype ... how do you do that ???

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Install Skype Desktop, which will allow two features:

  • You can use Skype Win 8 for one account and Skype Desktop for another account
  • You can just use Skype Desktop and log in/out like normal to change accounts when you wish!

here are two options:


Watch this YouTube video to see how to log into the Skype website and download Skype Desktop.

Not everything the video shows will be exactly your experience but it's very helpful for navigating and installing.


Or you can just goto (or and goto the Downloads section.

  •  DO NOT CLICK "Get Skype for Windows 8"
  •  Look a bit farther down and below "Windows Desktop" click "Learn about Skype for Windows desktop" and THEN click the green icon "Get Skype for Windows Desktop"

This will provide you the most current desktop version to install, which allows multiple user login.

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