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Camera not working with skype on windows 8

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Hi I recently bought a new Sony laptop with windows 8 and having trouble working the skype camera on my laptop. I have checked that the camera works perfectly fine with the windows 8 camera application, however when I try to use the skype program there is no video display despite the camera being on. I have also checked all system settings for the camera on both skype and windows yet I am not able to view myself in video chatting mode.


Please can give me some advise on how to solve this problem.



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I have the exact same problem. I've just bought a Sony Vaio and also my cam is on and working but there is no display or something. 

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i fighured how to make it work you simply just have download skype again on the deskotp not the windows 8 platform then it should work from there.

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I have a dell laptop with windows 8. I have both Skype for Windows 8 (metro app) and Skype for Desktop (application) installed. The integrated webcam works fine in Skype for Desktop (application) and works fine in Camera app. But the camera does not work in the Skype for Windows 8 (metro app). I have uninstalled and reinstalled both the metro app and the driver for the integrated webcam. It still does not work. Any ideas how to fix this? This must be a bug in the metro app.

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Same thing with me... I bought a new Asus laptop and everything is fine but the video camera when the Skype on. I think Skype support  should fix this issue. Camera is working fine without Skype though.

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update the skype metro app theres a new update in the store after shouve recognize it
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My camera does work, but everything is green.. And you don't see me.. 

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yes this is the the new issue what appeared so we're over on the cam recognizing issue now just have to fix the picture that its not green and we're good with the skype
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I have a new laptop with windows 8 (Which i hate)  I cannot get my v cam to work    I can c my person but they cannot see me




EDIT : title/message case changed.

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An update to my previous post.

Today, in Microsoft Store, there is an update to the Skype for Windows 8 app (metro app).

I installed it, and now Skype is showing the camera working in the Camera settings in the Options.

However, the video/picture is green.

I hope somebody from the Skype support team reads this and pass this info back to the development team so they can come up with a fix.


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