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Being forced to merge accounts when using Windows 8

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I have been starting to explore Windows 8 and decided I should install Skype.  Naturally I discovered very quickly that there is an App and thought, great, but how wrong could I have been.  It is completely un-useable because I do not want to merge my skype account with my Microsoft live account(for numerous reasons).  I agree that some services being merged are very handy however in this case I feel it is a very bad idea if "Microsoft" can't stop hotmail accounts from being hacked how on earth can they stop your live id from being hacked.


Now lets roll the clocks back quite a bit.  Microsoft were instructed by the international courts that it was "illegal" to force any user to have to use only their browser and give them a choice. Surely this is along the same lines. You are being forced to do something that you don't want to do to continue to use a service on their operating system.


I personally keep my skype account linked to a specific email account for many reasons and give me the ability to keep my identity private and from certain people.


I should and you should not have to fight to get your accounts unlinked and from what I have read many of you are having troubles doing this.

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I agree totally with this.



I *need* to have a *skype only* account that is unregistered to the live account which I am signed in to. Plain and simple.


Could a developer please respond as to how to do this?


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Finally someone who understands! I DO NOT WANT TO MERGE MY HOTMAIL WITH MY SKYPE THANKYOU VERY MUCH! I just want to login to my account like I did on my windows 7 last week. I got this new Windows 8 and it LIKE A BOSS! But when I tried logging in to my skype, it was a long awkward slience in my room, I clicked "X" and came to this website to see if someone has the same problem, COME ON STAFF, WHERE ARE YOU WHEN WE NEED YOU!?!?!?!??! :/

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I fully concur with this.
I do not wish to merge my skype account with my MSN account, but I DO want to be able to access my MSN account right now without it being a troll.

Stop trying to force us to do things Microsoft. :\
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I agree completely!


I do not want to be forced to merge my accounts!


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you can try to install Skype desktop client and join it with your Skype credentials.


How do I get the desktop version of Skype on Windows 8?

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"  I agree that some services being merged are very handy"


In this case, having Skype linked to your Microsoft account and by extension Windows 8 is extremely useful. I don't see a problem with this. I want things to work seamlessly with all my services and information linked.

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I have messed around with this, and unfortunately the app seems to not be able to be unlinked... 

That being said: I've found a personal solution in that I can use Skype desktop (which works perfectly well in W8, just not as a tile app). 


And for the poeple saying "why dont you just join it"...


I think it's important to understand the context here:


I have two work skype identities [that I need] and a personal identity.

I wouldn't mind the personal identity syncing up, but i NEED to be able to operate skype in separation from my user account.


So - to recap: use skype desktop. It works, although it's a workaround, not a solution.

Could someone from Skype please respond as to the plans on this?


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Yes, this is ridiculous. I have a Skype account that I use, I don't see a need to merge it with a MS account I do not really use, except now as mandated by W8.

I'm noticing as a rule that if there's a W8 app for something, and another way - the app is worse. This has been true for Skype, Netflix, Search, Youtube, ...
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i agree that being forced into using skype is heavy handed. i do not want it i do not want a link to my none existant facebook account i do not want to chat live to buddies (whatever they are) can i keep my hotmail e mail address and access my mail elsewhere


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