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Accepting Contact Requests on Windows 8

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I have a brand new laptop, which of course is running Windows 8.  Skype is running well on this laptop, but I have one small problem.  I have had a contact request, and am unable to follow the instructions provided by Skype to accept this request, because I can't access the profile of the person in order to do so.  I have right clicked the screen when in the request window, and no "go to profile" icon or text is visible.  When I click on "add contact" I get a screen which is a request from me to the other person.  We could be sending each other requests for ever, and not get connected!  Please can someone advise me on this?  Thanks in advance.


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I am having a similar problem in Windows 8:  I know that Contact Requests have been sent to me, but I am unable to find them.  They never appear in "Recent" even after a couple of days - and I am thus unable to Accept these Requests.  How do I Accept a Contact Request in Windows 8?

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Same here!!!!!!!
I really really hate skype for windows!!!!!!!!!!!
Please bring the old skype back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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You can install the "good-old" desktop version using this msi-installer for the currently latest version:

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Hi there,

I still think skype has got a very bad direction after microsoft put his dirty hands on it.

I want to decide when to turn it on I want decide when I want to turn it off.

Why now to close it I have to run the task manager to kill it?
Please fix this mess with microsoft once forever.



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Anyone have a solution yet?

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