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how to edit phone number in contact?

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It's simple - SKYPE 5 for Mac is **bleep**ed up, in how it handles contacts! The Developers totally **bleep**ed up. (Example I add a phone number and give it a name, in Skype 5). Oh and BTW This problem has nothing to do with the Address Book for Mac (I don't even use that app and it's totally blank). And Windows users - **bleep**. If I log out of Skype 5 and into Skype 2 I can easily command click and edit the phone number. However Skype 5 treats the phone number like a "Skype Username" where as Skype 2 treats the Name, and/or Alias as it were, which you assign to the Phone Number as the Username (as it should). THUS in Skype 5 you CAN NOT edit the original phone number you enter because stupid Skype 5 has HARD-CODED that number to your contacts list, located on their servers, as a Skype Username. However logging into Skype 2 UN-CODES that hard link giving you the ability to change the phone number to anything you'd like. SO the Skype "5" Devs for Mac **bleep**ed up. END OF STORY.

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this is pathetic. i want my $10 back. i've spent an hour just trying to send a text to the same person at a slightly different number. you can't edit SMS numbers. you can't delete contacts. who thought this up? how do i get a refund?

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If you add a contact which is initially just a phone number, it is impossible to edit the phone number on either Mac OS or the iPhone.  Very frustrating to figure this out.


The only way is to delete the contact and re-add.  Completely mental.


An extremely embarrasing bug for the Skype developers.


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How do I erase a contacts phone number and then replace it with another?

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This must sound very simple minded, but after trying everything else I deleted the entry & re-entered it with the edited number. That works!
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delete the contact & re-enter it with the correct number.
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This topic started 03-07-2011 20:35 and still there is no response or solution from Skype...? Or do the people form Skype not read here at all? (pitty)


I've just installed that earlier mentioned older version 5.2 from mac.oldapps and there is 1 positive thing there:

When you click "Show profile" of the contact, you actually get an EDIT button next to the personally added phone numbers.

Deleting the number while editing, actually deletes that whole added number entry.


You can not edit the initial number which you added there when creating that Phone-number contact though... (Deleting the whole contact, with all sub phone numbers, and recreating it seems to be the only option there..)


Beats me why Skype thinks it's a good thing to remove that button in a newer version, but that's not the only "why??" thought I've had with the program for the past few years

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This is an extremely frustrating problem. Re-doing a contact from scratch seems to be the only solution. Regarding what developers are doing? - well its enough to look at new additions to Skype - it seems in the light of the rumors of the new Facebook IPO, Skype devs are more occupied with how to integrate the app with Facebook rather than making it user friendly...
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Hear hear...
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could not find the tag "Mobile" - is there in version 5.2? lot's of my phone numbers have the Italian Area code (where I live) even if they are US phone numbers, and I cannot use the skype contacts because they don't work...
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