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No sound!

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Quite often now I come back to my computer and try and use Skype only to find that there is no sound (i.e. can't hear dialling, ringing, nothing!)  The 'skype test call' becomes redundant here because you can't hear anything so there's nothing to respond to and no way of highlighting that this is the case?!  Also, it's painfully obvious that you don't want to discuss these things over the phone (easier!) as there is not a phone number anywhere on your site......genius!  And yes, before you ask, sound is working everywhere else on the computer.  Please can someone tell me what to do (without reference to the FAQs!!)

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Skype for Mac 6.12 ( 438 ) Hotfix has just been released which should address "no sound after resume from sleep" issue.

Please download & update your Skype and let us know if the problem is still present.

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What do you see when in Skype you go to Tools -> Options -> Audio settings?

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I'm on a Mac so I don't have those options, however I'm using the Plantronics headset, as supplied by Skype, and all settings are configured. Annoyingly, it seems to work if I turn off and turn on (that old favourite!), but wouldn't mind a solution that didn't involve this, if you knew one?
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I have exactly the same problem - did you ever find a solution?
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I have done everything possible..(I think)  can't use skpe, there is no sound at all. I have sound for everything else, I have even formatted.still the same in skype

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i think you click the "skype" tab at the top left corner, then go to "preferences". then go to "audio" and change the volume. maybe that'll help?
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Just installed Skype on three different computers.


Each onre would not produce sound either going to the caller or received from the caller.


Messenger worked just fine. Problem is with doubt!


Does anyone have a solution?

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I'm assuming that since you posed your question on the Mac subforum, you have installed Skype on at least one Mac.  Once you've done that, open Skype's Preferences and ensure that the appropriate choices have been made in the Audio/Video pane.  You can test by calling Skype's testing service: echo123.

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I have the same problem. It seems to happen after the Mac has been 'asleep' (closed, but not shut down) and woken up again. I don't get any sound at all from Skype when the Mac wakes up - no ringing or anything. Other programs have sound without problem.

The only way around this I have found it to quit Skype, and re-open it and it works fine ...... at least until the Mac sleeps again. I'm on OS/X 10.8.2 with Skype for Mac

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I have the same problem - see a separate post