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Keypad not working during calls!

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please fix this one


1 800 375 5283

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Keypad with this number does not work either:   1-877-647-3411

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I have this problem too and it is very annoying.... In some situations I have found that if I mute my microphone before the call is answered then open the keypad it works. A sometimes workaround to somethign that should have been fixed a long time ago...... Please MS fix this problem.....

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Keypad not working for any calls. Really need it fixed urgently for my bank #: 1-800-972-2651


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This is ridiculous. Being able to use the dial pad is essential for any phone service - apparently except for the largest VoIP operator in the world. They introduced the problem in 2011, and 2 years later it still hasn't been fixed.


Add to that the brain-dead move to disable shutting down Skype except by Task Manager. It's time to find a different service.

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I can't use the keypad on a call to 18007272222.  Please fix!!

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Please fix so that keypad works for this number:

877 666 4180


Thank you.

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I just chatted with Skype support about a number for which the keypad wasn't working (couldn't enter the conference code). They had me log out of Skype and log back in. Then it worked.

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This is terrible!

It worked perfectly for years, bet when I updates all my devices to Skype it simply stopped working. Please fix ASAP, it disables 90% of usage and will make me look for other IP phone solution.

I use it to connect to job call bridges (approved use) and can't join any session any more. I am also a signed and paynug user of Skype. I could make it work just by random 2 times out of 30 but there is no repeatable process. I am also an IT person and believe it is a bug on latest version. There are probably milions of people with same problem around.

This is red flag issue, we all need a fix to this otherwise outstanding service!



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Found the log, reset skype and try again sugestion and it worked. If trouble does not come back at each system reboot, looks fixes. Thanks to this forum!

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