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How can I run two Skype accounts on a Mac?

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I also had the same question and here is the solution I found:


1. Create a new user, say johndoe.

2. Open a terminal and switch to the newly created user by typing "su johndoe"

3. Type "/Applications/", a second instance of skype will be opened in the dock. (If the "Keychain Not Found" error window pops up, just press the "Cancel" button to close it, DO NOT press the "Reset To Defaults" as it may reset all your keychains)


*Note that closing the terminal will also terminate the skype instance, or you can use this command "nohup /Applications/" instead.



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Issue: Normally, Skype only allows you to run one instance of the program. If you launch a second Skype, it will popup a window, say it's already running, then exit.


Goal: To be logged into both at the same time.


Purpose: This is for when you wish to launch a second instance of Skype, and want to be logged into two accounts at the same time (for example, a "work" account and a "personal" account).




First, this assumes you already launched Skype normally from the Application icon, and logged into the first Skype account. One method is to open a Terminal (console) window, change directories to the Skype application, then simply run a second instance using the sudo command:


Step 1: Open a Terminal window

Step 2: cd /Applications/

Step 3: sudo ./Skype


Now the second instance of Skype will launch, you will see trailing output in the console window.


Note: Do not close the window or it will force Skype to close. You may minimize the window if it's in the way.

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I am sorry but I do not understand the solutions presented. Perhaps my issue is different. I just opened an account, funded it, but when trying to make a call, it pops open an account my teenage son opened on my computer, rather than mine. I can log into my account via the web, but this happens each time I try to use Skype.


If this is the same problem others have had, would you please relate to me exactly what to do, and assume please I do not understand any computer language such as Terminal window, sudo command, or even where in step #2 one types. I tried steps #1 and #2 by opening a new window and typing what you suggested in the URL box, but got only a google results hit. I have no idea what a sudo command is.


Ideally I want to get my son's info off my computer. He can use his own for Skyping.


Thanks very much

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Go to "File\Sign out" and then you can sign in with your details. If you share Skype with your son it would help if you both signed out at the end of your sessions and then it's easy for either one of you to log in again.
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Brilliant! You are my write-in candidate for President. Thanks.

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God forbid. I hate politicians but glad it sorted you out :-)

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I just found skypeLauncher for mac here:

[invalid URL]


Before run it, you have to logoff from skype and uncheck the box (sign me in when Skype starts) but after that you can open as many skype windows as you like.


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Can you pls share the skypeLauncher for mac? I did not find out


Thank you so much

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This solution requires the use of Terminal, an app included in Mac OS. It is an advanced-user app that might be intimidating for basic users but is quite simple to use, at least for the intentions of this solution.

The instructions are written for the inexperienced-in-Terminal basic user. Otherwise, this solution can be inferred by the solutions posted in the links at the end of this post.



Having Skype already installed in your computer and already open:

1. Open Terminal. (If you don't know where to find it you can search it using Spotlight)

2. On the window that Terminal opens (a white window with a line of text awaiting for you to type) write: "sudo /Applications/" (you can copy&paste from here, it has to be everything between the quotation marks, including the space between "sudo" and "/App..." EXCLUDE the quotation marks).

3. Terminal will ask for your user account password (the same you use when you log in to your computer or install an app).

4. After a few seconds a second window of Skype will open.

5. You can close the Terminal window if you wish. (Some users reported this closes Skype too although it hasn't happened to me, if it does you will have to minimize Terminal and keep it open as long as you need the two accounts.)


This solution/procedure is based in the very similar solutions posted by:

kai_schroder in

ccalhoun in

ems_904 in

Note for advanced users: This solution is basically the same kai_schroder posts although greatly explained for basic users. Compared to the other two solutions, it simplifies the need of a second user account in the computer by using the 'sudo' command in Terminal.


FOR SKYPE: Clearly Mac users are in need of a better solution from Skype.

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