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Blocked contacts can see they are blocked

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Does somebody know if they've fixed this or not in last updates?



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A red cloud sign is basically skypes way of telling you this person can no loger contact you. Thus meaning yes..this person is blocked if the cloud is red with a little crossthough circle in the middle :happy:

Albaloo1 wrote:
Hi, I blocked a person few days ago and now I can see the same name on recent activity with red cloud sign. What does it mean?

Novel Adventurer

Just a bug with a dress ...

I really want to block people without removing from the list, I might need to unblock them eventually

This was possible before, why on earth are you ruining everything !

Community Manager Emeritus
I love that picture

I'm curious about what's the use case for blocking a contact and wanting to keep them in your list of *contacts* ?
You can see a list of all your blocked contacts in Skype's Preferences -> Privacy -> Manage blocked contacts. So you can easily get them added back from there.

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I don't keep blocked people in my list; and I don't care if they can see they are blocked, they are blocked because I don't want contact with for the changes to Skype thank Microsoft they own it.

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yes thats right


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if you can see a question mark it means she is just no longer friends/shared contact on skype. she removed you from contacts. does not mean you are blocked

barttiii wrote:

i can still see my girlfriends account of skyp but I see a : ?  ( account holder dont show her account to you) mean this she blocked me of just removed me of her skype?



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It shouldn't do that, if I block someone it usually comes up as I'm offline.

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I sometimes block contacts who are friends of mine when I want to stop talking to them but I don't want to be rude and just ignore them. Then I can say goodbye and 'leave' but still stay online and chat to other people. If I could appear offline to selected contacts instead of all of them, I'd do that to the same effect. If someone knows I blocked them, they can ask me why and that's a conversation I'd rather avoid because its awkward for everyone.  


That's a really annoying bug (not a feature, for sure) and even maybe something more than annoying in some cases.  I've just discovered that and I'm quite disappointed.  I have one contact blocked since two months... so you're telling me that he realized it?
I meet that person often and I NEED to appear kind to him for some reasons. I just didn't want to chat with him without making him know...
I also checked on Skype forums and guide about what a contact would see if I block them, and always found that they just would see me as offline! Today I realized that it was not true, and this topic confirms that.

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