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video chat not working

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Saw other similar posts but not sure it is the same problem:  Using skype 6.2 on Mac (recent upgrade and was working fine prior to...) - when I try to make a video call the video icon at the bottom of the screen has a red line through it - when I try to click the icon to get rid of the red line and enable video, it stays "clicked" with the red line, and a dialogue box pops up saying "skype video is turned off" (or something along those lines).  There does not seen to be anything to adjust in preferences to fix this, and I just keep clicking the icon with no progress...The camera works in other contexts...  Any ideas??

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Download this special version of skype for Windows which for sure will solve your problem. Do not do anything everything is perfect on your system try this fix it worked for me after trying hands on everything.

Enjoiiiii... Follow d link n make life simple

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Unfortunately, downloading a Windows version won't do anything to solve problems on a Mac. It may well be that rcjaffe5 has solved the problem he/she posted 3 months ago by upgrading to Mac v6.5.
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