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video call from ipad2 to windows 7 or windows 7 to ipad2

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What's the deal with the incompatibility issues regarding video calls between Windows and Mac? I have made calls to someone using an imac and video calls work. I have received calls from someone using an imac and video calls work. However if I try to send or recieve video calls from an ipad2, if I receive the call I receive both video and voice. The ipad2 user only gets my audio even though my pip works. If I call the ipad2 user the same thing happens, they get only audio, they see their pip, I see my pip, but I also see their video.


WTF? You programmers haven't figured this out yet? Seriously?

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PS - Both the windows client and the mac client are the most current versions of skype.

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I've re-read your message several times and I can't understand....are you always on a Windows machine when you're machine those calls?


FWIW, I have several Windows 7 machines here and rarely have any problem with video calls to Mac, iPad, or iPhone users.

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I would like to expand.


Remote user 1 - Intel based macbook, using earlier version of skype, to intel based windows desktop using an earlier version of skype. I was able to establish a video call with remote user 1, and remote user 1 was able to initiate/establish a video call with me. We both had audio and video.


Remote user 1 upgrades macbook, and purchases ipad2. Neither of these products have intel based processors, which I have read is part of the problem regarding video between mac and intel based users.


Today Remote user 1 initiates video call, remote user 1 sees pip, and I see my pip. I also see remote user 1's video. Remote user 1 does not see my video. We are both using current version of skype for mac and windows 7 respectively.


Today I initiate video call, I see my pip, I see remote user 1's video, remote user 1 sees remote user 1 pip.  We are both using current version of skype for mac and widows respectively.


What has changed? CPU for mac user on ibook/mac and ipad2. Also versions of skype.


When I call windows to windows I have no issues.


Yes I am always on windows. I have not tried connecting from android to mac but I will. Yes remote user 1 is always on ibook/mac (not intel based) or ipad2.


Information exists - whether true or not that there is an incompatibility based on differing cpu architectures. If this is true it should be addressed.


Part of me suspects this to be potentially a firewall/router issue, part of me suspects it to be a compatibility based on processor architectures. If it is architecure based then put in as one of the top FAQs.

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What's the remote 1 user seeing when he's not seeing your video? A black screen? A "Initializing..." animation with a turning circle?

Also: Is he initiating the call from Mac or iPad? Is the "not receiving video" problem limited to one of the two platforms or present on both?

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User 1 does not see video. They get a black screen, no rotating circle. Call is either initiated OR accepted, and it doesn't matter if it is the mac or iPad at this time. It is present on both. User 1 is going to see an Apple Genius on Tuesday. I sent user1 the version of skype I am using, which is the most current Instructed User1 to contact me while at Apple store to further assist with troubleshooting.

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