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v5.3 and Skype still doesn't get it!

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Casual Adventurer

I don't know why skype doesn't understand all the negative UI comments on v5. Why do they keep trying to force the most useless and hideous UI change in history on us when clearly no one wants it except them. Now, they keep trying to fix something that can never be fixed. It is very simple, go back to the v2.8 UI and make the changes under the hood.

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Casual Adventurer

I'm with you on this... Skype v5+ gets the top award for the most unusable UI.


Add to this removal of basic features (e.g. contact import) and you end up with an undesirable product.

Routine Adventurer

We have suffered the abysmal Skype for Mac v5 for 7mths now.

3mths ago we were given assurances that Skype for Mac v5 would be changed to improve the GUX, and address some of the criticism levelled at it by it's many loyal Mac users.

I downloaded the latest version with equal measures of excitement and dread. Unfortunately, the dread won out.


The Skype for Mac team have done almost nothing to address the vast majority of the unfavourable comments, and have instead spent most of their time in improving the app in areas where they can monetize their efforts.

Don't get me wrong, I firmly believe that hard work should be rewarded.  However, it would have been nice if we the users had our needs addressed too.

The majority of the unfavourable comments levelled at v5 were with regard to the single window approach that has been adopted.  It's ugly, it's inflexible, and it takes up too much valuable screen space.

If the Skype for Mac team had simply implemented a 'Classic' view, to allow a return to the v2.8 GUX, but with all the v5 goodness (including the newly monetized ones) running in the background, then I'm sure that they would have appeased 85% of the unhappy Mac users.

But no, all we got was a little video window to allow us to see and work with other apps at the same time as making a video call.

It's just not good enough!

I have already returned to v2.8, and I suspect that I shall not be alone.

Novel Adventurer
Agree will all comments above...

UI just too large and inflexible... give us options to:

- get rid of the avatar's - then the list of online contacts would be "a list" and not a "beauty parade!" and, more importantly, I wouldn't have to scroll to see who is online or make the UI EVEN larger.

- Remove the "minimum" size restrictions of the main contacts screen.

- increase the typing area even more in the chat screen... certainly an improvement in 5.2 but makes long discussions difficult to negotiate. Just make it totally flexible as before

- glad to see the video screen has reverted to a floating screen though haven't had a chance to test whether it can be minimised sufficiently...

Remove the fixed "History Pane"... completely useless and a waste of screen space... just make it an option to show or not to show.. like in version 2.8...

When changing the font size in the conversation/chat screen it changes the UI font size as well!! What's this all about! Just give us separate options... for font application

.... off to reload v2.8 again!

Casual Adventurer

Absolutely !


I have installed 5.beta, 5.0, 5.1 and 5.2 - utter disaster. Each time back to 2.8


I muss confess that I am sick and tired to report how broken v5 is  (have tried numerous time in the "old" support forum and beta feedback) but please someone @ Microsoft just fire the UI designer. It is way beyond bad.

Casual Adventurer

Hello my fellow Mac lovers.


I hate skype and have never even actually used it.  I was on OS 10.4.11 were whatever skype version it was just did not work.  So, now finally I've upgraded to 10.6.8 but when configuring my microphone I get no noise level at all.  I've tried the internal and the line in.  I've set the skype prefs and the system prefs.  I'm very computer literate and a long time mac user, this seems like it should be easy stuff.  I'm nothing but frustrated.


Anyone else having these issues???  Any suggestions???

Casual Adventurer

Hide pictures next to contact names. I do not believe this issue is solved for Mac users. Previous responses have addressed what I believe is the PC solution and not Mac. Message posts from PRONOjit, Chingizer and more recently jerry_yingling (as am I) are new members who are looking for a solution. If there is a solution we are not aware of please let us know. If you need more information from any of us, let us know. This has been an issue with us since April 2011.


I personally liked the old version of the contact list without the pictures. It was more compact and did not require excessive scrolling. I'm sure the others feel the same as I do about the recent acquisition by Microsoft and the future of Mac users being supported. 

Casual Tourist
agreed. I reverted back to 2.8 to get the contact list without the avatars. definitely have no use for those pictures.
Novel Tourist

I also have mac os v10.6.8. When I ran the echo 123 everything worked fine, I hear the ring, the lady's voice and my own voice back. The problem is when I placed a call, my contact cannot hear me but I hear them.

Everything in my macbook pro is built in (mic and speaker) and they are the only choice. I do not have a 'line in' to switch to. And I have make sure it is not mute.

I wish skype will do something fast. This problem seems to have gone on for a long time.

Casual Adventurer
It may not be your computer. It may be the person you are communicating with. Their microphone works but they may have their sound muted. Have them check on their end.