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turning off Skype Wifi

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I am using a MAC and the MAC version of Skype.


How do I completelu disable and turn off Skype Wifi?

I don't EVER want to use Skype Wifi. If I can't get a connection without Skype Wifi, then I don't want a connection.


How do I tell Skype to NEVER inform me of Skype Wifi and NEVER even attempt to make a Skype Wifi connection on my behalf.


If I cannot remove the Skpe Wifi option then I will just uninstall and abandon Skype.


I stumbled across this question on the Windows side and attempted to follow their directions, but apparently I offended them when I said that the Mac version had no ability to turn off the Skype Wifi. If the interface to Skype on Windows is so completely different than the Windows version, then Skype isn't a serious application with a team that is planning for the future.


So... Is there a way to disable the Skype Wifi BS on a mac?

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I'm re-posting this because for some reason my post disappeared.


Finally! Skype for Mac has the ability to turn off Skype Wifi!


I started this thread over three years ago, and Microsoft FINALLY added this dead-simple and offensively overlooked feature. The fact it took them so damned long is a testament to a complete disregard for their customers.


Make sure you are running the latest version of Skype for Mac. Version 7.3.3 at the time of this post.


  - Click "Skype | Preferences".

  - In the preferences pane, select the "Advanced" tab.

  - Un-tick "Enable Skype Wifi".





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Thank you for adressing this problem, I got the same issue with Skype WiFi.... Does anybody have a good solution how to switch it off? :robotmad:

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I have the same issue. I have been stung by Skype WiFi charges when I clicked 'Connect' when Skype popped up, not realising that Skype was asking to connect a new feature that charged me per minute for internet access.


I want to turn this feature off and I want to send a complaint about the charges on my account for a service I never asked for. Unfortunately I cannot work out how to do either from the skype support forums. It seems we can only ask questions and vent on the forums and hope that someone might grant our wishes.


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Isn't it telling that Skype has not answered that question yet? There is no turn off Skype wifi button. They want you to accidentally connect to Skype wifi and slam you with the charges. There is no warning that you are paying for the connection, nothing. Since this is a system which takes money out of my wallet without my authorization I call this systematic theft. Be warned ... Skype is stealing money from you.

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You will find this option under Skype - Preferences - General.


Untick the first item which is "show status in menu bar".


It was driving me crazy too until I finally worked it out.

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You will find this option under Skype - Preferences - General.

Untick the first item which is "show status in menu bar".



How does this answer the question? The status icon has nothing to do with skype wifi.


You can disable it on windows, there's no option on the mac.

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hi guys, on my version 6.6.0 i can go to tools --> options --> general --> skype wifi and the on the right i can untick "enable skype wifi".

hope it helps!

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Works with Windows, but not an option on a Mac.
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I find it not accaptable that there is no option to deactivate Skype Wifi.


I am in a hotel and have a free account for using the hotels WiFi.


Accidentally I used my Skype credit to use the WiFi.  Wasted some money before I noticed. 

Skype WiFi should be turned off by default!

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I've seen several posts on different threads from Mac users about this - usually sounding irritated because they have evidently inadvertantly connected to Skype WiFi when they didn't want to and lost credit. The responses from forum moderators seem often to border on rudeness and the information that, on a Mac, you simply can't turn off Skype WiFi is slow to emerge, only after scolding for being on the wrong forum etc. So far I've found no explanation as to why this option is not provided to Mac users. (Skype belongs to Microsoft doesn't it?). I can vouch that this is a real problem. I have recently been connected inadvertantly to Skype Wifi in a hotel and charged a significant chunk of credit when I thought I was connecting to the free hotel wifi. In addition the unwanted Skype wifi pop-up repeatedly stops you from connecting to the wifi you want to by knocking you off the necessary login page. I therefore believe that this is not being fixed as a deliberate policy to deceive Mac users out of Skype credit and I request a full explanation as to why this is not so if indeed that is the case.

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