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skype won't start the first time.

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Novel Adventurer

For some time I need to start skype multiple times before it stays up and running.

The other times it just starts and closes as soon as contacts are loaded.

I tried starting from a terminal and it says: Aborted

I tried many possible solutions includind reinstalling, removing the .Skype directory, using another username etc. No success.

Does anyone have any idea? it is on kernel.

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Novel Tourist

Same issue here, with linux-3.0.6 and skype (last available from my distro).


This comes with other reliability issues.


Can someone tell us how to make skype binary more verbose about what is going wrong? I couldn't find a manpage or -h.


Novel Adventurer

I've that exact same error. Last week it worked fine now it will not load. It lets me login but right after loading the contacts, it abors.

I'm running 2.6.39 kernel on Debian Squeeze.


The only error it gives me is


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Microsoft now owns SKYPE!!! Go figure why it no longer works with Linux.


Novel Adventurer

Well, either you didn't use skype on linux before or you were very lucky. As far as I remember Skype never worked properly on linux and the times it did it caused a lot of problems.

Novel Adventurer

I used Skype Beta for Ubuntu consistently for about 6 months. Sure there were minor annoyances, but nothing this critical.


Two days ago it launched fine, but now it has reverted to the hopelessly unhelpful "Aborted" message.


I understand your opinion about Microsoft not being as friendly to Linux users, but  that does not necessarily mean they will not support the platform.


Regardless, I'll probably just Skype through a virtual machine...


Novel Adventurer

Well, I use skype on different linux distros for quite a few years already and I've never been satisfied with it. it often had audio problems, especially with microhone, I has video quality issues  even on fast connections and now it aborts when launching.


I don't know what is important orcritical or minor for you, but the above issues are VERY IMPORTANT to me and not certainly minor. Just the fact that I have to start it up to 10 times every day to get it going is VERY annoying.


Also, I didn't see all these issues happen on Windows version so I must say that Skype team just plainly ignores Linux. Also because Skype for Linux is lagging ages behind theWindows version if we look on performance and features. Skype for Linux is a piece of crap!!


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