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skype video window too small on newer version

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I dont understand why my skype window of myself is now way too small... (about an inch) and when i click on it it shrinks down to barley a centemeter. I just downloaded the latest version for mac and now i cannot expand my personal view of myself nor can i place my window just anywhere. The view of the person with which i'm speaking to is just the sameas it was from the last version, which is great but how can i expand the view of me next to the view of the other caller? This is driving me crazy.

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As you've discovered, clicking on your own PIP once will toggle it between thumbnail size and slightly larger.  Once it's in the slightly larger size you can resize it further by dragging one of the corners out or in.

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i was able to make it a bit larger by clicking on it, but i am not able to 'drag' it larger. i tried all corners. what should i do?

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I have to apologize.  I'm fairly new to the Mac version and I thought you could resize the PIP window the same way you can with the Windows version.   No so, apparently.  I just tried and had the same results you've had.


Let's see if anyone with more Mac experience comes along with a way to resize that window.


edit:  I've reported this as a bug in the Skype developers' Jira forum.  Feel free to add your comments there:

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 Is there any way to go back to the previous version of Skype? I have a mac too and this video window being too small is driving me crazy.


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Previous version are available for download here:




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I really do not understand why sudenly my skype window became too small .

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It is indeed a bug. Use the link provided by g4pilut


and roll back to Skype, August 2011, then you will gain back the ability to grab and expand the size of the "see yourself video box".  This is important because it is the only way for you to know what your fellow Skypee sees coming to him/her from your end.


And it is ridiculous that we have to roll back to a version over a year old in order to use Skype properly. Sad.



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hmmm after installing the new Mac OS over the weekend, 10.8.3, now the earlier Skype versions produce a gray or black personal screen, so it is no longer functional. The slightly earlier version 6 still has the same unsizeable personal video window. This is a serious bug. I go crazy trying to see what others may be seeing when they view my cam. Please post here when the bug gets fixed, or a workaround is discovered.

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