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skype mac turns off video when call answers

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Same thing here. Please do something. Has skype abandoned MAC?

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Novel Tourist

ME TOO!  So frustrated!

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I think the issue for some people on the thread might be to do with the people you are trying to call.  It seems that people using Skype can no longer video chat.  People with older Macs running an older Mac OS can only use Skype  Since the latest update to newer versions of Skype came out, people running Skype seem to be having this issue when trying to chat with other Skype users.  I haven't seen any official comment from Skype.

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me too. please fix this.


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same here. 10.7.5 mac version

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I'm sure this is correct. I have a friend running an older iMac, we skype frequently and successfully.  But when Skype did an auto upgrade to my PC a few days ago, from then my picture gets turned off as soon as the call to them is answered.   Skype need to give us a bugfix - quick!

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Thank God, I'm not crazy! Can't video chat with a friend who is running older version of Skype on an older Mac ever since my newer Mac downloaded the new version of Skype. Does anyone know of any fixes yet?


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Same problem to Finland. Turns video off immediately on answer. Same problem on two different macs. Seems to work fine across the table between these same macs. Now it can´t find my camera on my separate monitor. Annoying. Used to work really well before, so it has to be some new development. Could it be related to updates and wifi speeds?

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Former Staff

Please read the post "Cannot video call some of your contacts anymore?"

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"As a result of recent improvements to the way our video works, it is not possible to make video calls from Skype for Mac 2.8 to Skype for Mac and Windows 6.2 and above."


Wow...this is the silliest sentence around. We've made skype so good that it doesn't work with older versions.

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