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skype mac turns off video when call answers

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Casual Tourist

I am trying to Skype video with my sister. Both on macs. mine newer, hers older.

We both see our cameras, until the call answers, then the video is turned off and a message icon says "your video is turned off" . it cannot be turned on. Clicking the video on button has a split second of video, then camera is off and the message returns. Skype is set up to allow video from anyone, and to enable video and start video automatically.

I was able to Video skype on my sister's computer before I sent it to her. Could this be a port issue? Do I need to go into her router and enable some ports?

My video works fine calling others.

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Casual Adventurer

This seems to be a recurring problem. I'm having exactly the same. 

Maybe it's time for Skype tec to look at the issue... sounds like a glich in their programming

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Novel Adventurer

I have exactly the same problem with the videocam turning off and my friend in Ghana has it as computer is also a mac. so please skype get it sorted out it is your fault as it happens to a lot of people

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Novel Tourist

Same problem here. New Mac BookPro with 10.8.2.

Had no problem with 10.7 with same Skype version. 

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Novel Tourist

Same problem. Using 10.6.8 and tried updating skype, updating my software, restarting my computer, deleting 3 files mentioned in another post, and nothing. Guess I'm headed back to Google Talk.

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Casual Tourist
I have the same issue only with one user - my parents. Frustrating as have checked settings but still video shuts down automatically. have reinstalled my skype but still have problem - only with my mac air 10.7.5 - no issues using video from my imac pc.
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Novel Adventurer

same here.

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Novel Adventurer

Same exact issue, both using please!

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Novel Tourist

We're having the same problem with a relative in India.  We thought it might be a bandwidth issue.  We have an iMac running Mac OS X 10.6.8 and Skype  I believe our relative is using a Mac, too.  I will ask the next time we attempt.

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Novel Tourist

Same here!

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