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skype for google chrome os needed

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after acer made that c7 and they are selling it for 199$ the only thing thati is stopping them from getting it is skype!!!!!yes so make it fast because i might get one
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Yes. They do need to get this going fast as I just got one and REALLY want to skype my family. Hurry!!!



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Skype...please get this done...these chrome books are awesome machines and you will have many users looking for a fix....

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yes hurry. I got my chrome book because there is nothing comparable to it and then I find out there is no skype app. Whop whop whop, I was devastated. Please hurry.



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me same
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I agree, but The Google Chrome book is a measly ploy to capture people into using all Google products, like Hangouts, and also  captures all your personal information, and its cheap so young people get hooked on their products and technology.  Thats why we cant access it on Chrome. :sad:  so if its an important feature, think twice before buying this computer.  I bought it and worry about the monopoly Google has on my life/information now....

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