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skype always appears as online

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Novel Tourist

My skype appears as online to other all the time now.  I have done the following and it doesn't seem to make a difference

1) Set my account to offline before I close my MAC

2) deleted skype app from iphone (so that the online shouldn't be coming from my phone)

3) my Window PC is always powered off (so that the online shouldn't be coming from my PC either)


Before, all I have to do is close my MAC (without even changing my skype setting), and other will see me as offline.



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Novel Tourist

I have exaclty the same problem...


I have also unistall all the app, program from my device and from my imac, but if I check with another account (girlfirend) and  I can see me still online.


Any idea?

Casual Tourist

For me it is my android device causing the problem! Only when i set my staus to invisible, the problem of beeing always online to others, even when all devices are switched off, disappears!

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