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safari ..can't open skype

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Novel Tourist

i am new to skype. 

it worked last week, but does not work this week.

when I try to open it in safari gives me a message saying it cannot open...

firefox does not open either...


please help.

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Skype is an application by itself.
So, simply by double-clicking it, it should work fine.



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Il n'y a aucun problème que l'absence de solution ne puisse résoudre ! ;-)
IMac Intel 27" Retina Core i5 3.3 GHz - RAM 24 GB - OS 10.12.3 Sierra
Skype 7.46.56758 & sur Android 4.2.2 à l'occasion. ;-)
Novel Tourist

I'm having the same problems with Safari.


The message is that Safari can't open the specified address.  Safari can't open "skype:?call" because Mac OS X doesn't recognize Internet address starting with "skype.".

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As Foyan says, Skype calling requires that the Skype application be installed on your computer.  You cannot make Skype calls from a browser.  You can manage your account, but not make calls.

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