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register mobile

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Novel Tourist

Hello.  I recently moved to Berlin and am trying to update my Skype settings in light of the new SIM chip I installed in my iPhone after unlocking it.

1.  I originally lived in Houston, TX and had a mobile with a number of that locality.  I have family in Germany and therefore created Skype-To-Go numbers for all of them.


2.  I moved to Germany.  Now I would like to create Skype-To-Go numbers for my family in Houston, TX.  Because I have a new SIM chip in my mobile, I now have a local Berlin number.




When I try to update my information concerning the nearest location of where I am making my mobile calls (within the Skype-To-Go tab on the website), it does not list Germany as an option.  I find that peculiar since one of my German cousins uses Skype.  I can't update the Skype-To-Go numbers before I can update the status of where I am calling from.


When I try to add add a new line or edit the exiting one, it does not give me the option of editing the country.  A small Information icon tells me that I need to register the mobile but does not say how.


    Do I need to re-register my mobile?... if so, how exactly do I do that?  I find it somewhat tedious trying to navigate throught the Skype website.  

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Former Staff

Hi, unfortunatelly, Skype To Go is not available in Germany. However, you can consider to purchase Unlimited US subscription and use Skype on your iPhone to contact your family in US.

Please check with local operator prices for data usage if you want to use Skype to call on mobile networks. Or, you can use wifi hotspots.

Skype for iPhone can be installed directly from Apple App Store.

Here, you can check available subscriptions to call US: 

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