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"Skype quit unexpectedly"

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Novel Tourist

For the past few days Skype hasn't been working for my Mac. It won;t open at all! I tried uninstalling, reinstalling, updating, everything!! Please help me!!!! 

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Novel Tourist
Hi I have been having the same problem, please assist me if you have sorted out the problem or know what it is? thanks
Novel Adventurer

I am also having the same problem.... Please Help Some one.

Novel Adventurer

yes me too


i did a software update at the weekend and since then i hasn't worked... not happy as i use it for work


i think i may go back to using my PC as apple just seems to be more hassle that it is worth.,.


solution please!



Novel Adventurer

Jeff I completely agree with you. Using skype on windows still has its disadvantages though. 
Although, you have to be careful with ANY update now a days with Mac, because sometimes it doesn't work properly.
I work for a computer company myself and I know people have a lot of issues once certain updates are done on their macs.

This is no ones fault but apple's. They don't look into it enough to actually make sure everything  the average person uses on their operating system is going to work.
I definately think they need a fix for this.
It has something to do with the new security update on the 10.6 operating system.
Hmm I'm going to continue to look into it and see if I can find another fix for it.
It all depends on what error you are getting I know a lot of people though find it works again once they delete their shared.xml file.
But we'll see. 

Novel Adventurer

Same here...:-(

Didn't change anything, nor updated my mac and yet as of yesterday skype refuses to open.

I have uninstalled it, removed it to trash and re-installed, but no luck!

I have searched the internet, but no good solutions to be found.

As I live abroad this is a very important medium for me to stay in touch with family and friends, so you can understand the frustration!

Please help!!!

Novel Adventurer

Same with me. I hadn't updated anything or my mac prior to this happening and it had been working fine. 2 or 3 days ago it suddenly wouldn't open and quits unexpectedly. I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling, restarting my computer, verifying and repairing disk permissions and deleting cache files as well as all the other advice I could find online. Why does it not work?!

Novel Adventurer

I'm in the same position as you regarding the abroadness. Lots of people have had luck after deleting the shared.xml file but it didn't work for me unfortunately.

Novel Adventurer

I've tried to run Skype every few weeks for over 4 years on each Mac I've owned. It's never worked. I always get "Skype quit unexectedly".


That should warrant some kind of award for Skype.

Casual Adventurer

Fixed non-working Skype by installing older version.

None of the number 5 editions seem to be working for me right now, so tried the, which is the one before the #5 series and it works.


Here's the link:


Hope that this helps someone who needs to use Skype to keep connected with family.

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