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"Skype needs to authenticate" - any way to stop this on multiple Macs?

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Novel Adventurer

I get this error every time I update Skype - even when manually copying the new in to Applications folder, when Skype starts it gives me this error. I have 30 Macs to manage at work - any ideas on what file to change to stop this? Many thanks

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Staff Moderator

Can you please be more specific about exactly what you're seeing and the state of the application when you see it? Are you perhaps getting the "Skype needs authentication…" warning? If so, do you proceed to authenticate? What happens?


Screenshots would be nice.

Novel Adventurer

Yes I am getting that warning. Well, when I authenticate it with admin creditentials skype starts up. However this is just an unnecessary step - why can't it just silently update like other apps? is there anyway to disable this? because I am an administrator and don't want to go around and type my password on every Mac. Also users can just cancel this and Skype loads anyway..

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