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"Last seen online" disappeared in 5.3?

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Skype 5.2 for Mac had a useful feature - it reported when a contact was seen online last time in a pop-up baloon that used to appear on mouse hover.

I do not see the working anymore in Skype 5.3.

Was this feature removed or I am simply unable to find it?

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Novel Tourist

Same problem.  Is there any way to view this?


Many thanks.

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It's gone. Disappointing...


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This is very disappointing, is there a way to place a request to the people of Skype to reimplemet this feature?

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Novel Tourist

1) Double click an offline contact as if you are going to message them.

2) Move the mouse over the offline icon to the left of their name in the list of recent conversations within the left pane of the skype window.

3) Wait until the tool tip pops-up with their name and their last seen date and time.


I suspect this feature went away from the contact list because of the call/video call button appearance when you attempt this in the contact pane.

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This works on Windows, but AFAIK not on the Mac version of Skype.

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It works fine on Mac as well. You're probably just hovering over the wrong icon -- you need to hover over the one in the left pane of recent contacts, and not the icon at the top of the right pane conversation view.

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This worked for me - MAC OSX - thanks
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I think some people can turn it off. I started checking to see if my daughter was online when we were going through a rough patch and when she realized that I could see her "last seen online" even if her status was offline she must have found a way to block that feature. I stopped being able to see her online because even though we had spoken on skype since that day, the "last seen online" still says 13-05-23.... so I'm wondering whether that is just because she is using a different computer or at her father's house or if there is a way to block the feature.

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I can see it for some people but not all, at some it only says their name and not last activity or last seen at all.
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