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no audio

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can't hear the person I am calling, they can hear me. Checked audio in preferences. Called echo123, they couldn't hear me

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I'm having the same problem.  The is NO sound whatsoever, not poor or distorted sound. The video connection is perfect, and the other person can hear me.  I tried the Skype Test Call, and everything seemed fine.  I messaged the other person to also do the Skype Test Call, and she said hers was fine too.  I do not know about echo123.  What is that?  The person I am calling is in Mexico, and I suspect that the problem may be there, because the audio is fine when I Skype with my daughter.

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I am having the same problem - my partner is is NZ. His cousin in Melbourne can hear him, I am in Perth and I can't! I have read through many posts but can't seem to find a solution - mind you this is my first time. Would love some assistance to find a solution!




On Mac :


On Windows :



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Il n'y a aucun problème que l'absence de solution ne puisse résoudre ! ;-)
IMac Intel 27" Retina Core i5 3.3 GHz - RAM 24 GB - OS 10.12.3 Sierra
Skype 7.46.56758 & sur Android 4.2.2 à l'occasion. ;-)
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Me too. When I dial I hear the usual skype music, adn the first ring, then nothing, bit the person I call can hear me. I'm on a G4, running 10.4.11. I downloaded skype 2.8 (cause I know the new one does not work on my old operating system).


Any joy? any usful suggestions or fixes?



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Try using an earphones. Though the setting on mine is for internal speakers - actually I can hear on the earphones!!! So I'm making calls again!
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Hey I am new here and well i conn ect perfectly and i can hear the party i am connected with but they cant hear me...any thoughts what to do.  I have tried so many things nothing helps.

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First thing to do is use Skype to call 'echo123' (a Skype audio test) and follow the voice prompts.  If everything's correct on your end, you'll be able to hear your own voice come back to you.  If you cannot hear yourself, you should check the Audio settings in Skype AND Sound setting in System Preferences, ensuring that you've selected an attached audio source.  Then do the echo123 test again.  Be certain, too, that your microphone is not muted.  Do that by toggling between 'mute' and unmute.

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I cannot hear and the other person cannot hear me. I go to the audio options and there are no alternatives on the drop down menus, the only option is "NONE".

The audio works for all other programs, iplayer etc. and there are options when I go to the control panel.

This has only happened after a recent download was foisted upon me!

Any thoughts.

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somehow cannot get skype on the earphones ?   Can get music and the rest without problem but skype only on computer speakers, and with a very strange tone making it hard to understand the speaking party ???  pls help

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