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my video keeps freezing and skipping like a broken record

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My video keeps freezing and skipping in place like a broken record...i have a mac

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I am having this problem too.  Any solutions out there?  I tried completely removing all skype related files as per abot

I got a late 2012 13 inch MacBook Pro Retina

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Get that problem when the computer I am Skyping to is moved to a location where the connection is a poor quality wifi.


Problem is just connection quality, and very bad quality to create that effect, sugget using homeplugs to connect a computer that is not close to the router.  Homeplugs use the power wiring to provided a wired Ethernet connection between computers.  Although homeplugs only work on the ring main they are connected to you.

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It has nothing to do with connection, I'm on my iMac which is directly plugged into the internet and still experience my machine freezing up.

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I am having the same issue. i have been having it for awhile. I even reinstalled my OS. I'm starting to think it is an issue with skype to mac. I think Skype changed something that doesn't quite agree with it. 

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You might want to try Skype 6.9 for MAC OSX build 701 released today (vs. the older 6.9 build) to see if anything changes


Skype for MAC OSX 6.9 (701):

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I think the poster means the connection to the person you are calling. I have the same issue, and also had an issue where one guest had bad connection, my pc as host called repeatedly, and the whole group had bad vid and audio as a result. The problem cleared one the poor guest with poor connection left the group call.


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I have an iMac and my friend in France has a windows laptop. Skype constantly freezes on both computers at the same time. My guess is when there's heavy traffic Skype can't cope. It's infuriating so I will use Facetime as much as I can as it works perfectly.

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