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live chat?

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Where is the access to the Live Chat support for Premium users?

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When you signin via this link:


You'll see an option for Live Chat support.

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Thank you for your reply!


However, after signing in, there appears no live chat option on the page. Rolling over the "Support" button at top finds only 1. Sound Problems, 2. Connection Problems, 3. Account and Profile settings, 4. Payments and prices, 5. Privacy and Security, 6. New to Skype, and 7. Ask the Experts.


Any further Suggestions?

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If you click on any of those topics, then choose a related problem, then click on Continue Support Request, there will be two buttons, one of which is "Start a Chat."

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I found another way to access Live Chat, but it is for all accounts. Thank you anyway.


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Ok.  I know there are some direct links floating around but I'd be surprised if once connected someone who doesn't qualify can get any help.


Anyway, I hope it works for you.  y):

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Again, this is all B.S.!  I signed up for Premium and have  not been able to find Live Chat itself (tho lots of lies, and deceiving language that make you think you are going to find the MAGIC LINK, and so far, AFTER 3.5 HRS. of searching over and over and over for it... I have had no success in doing so!  And I am not a novice either,  but have 32 yr of computer technology and tech support as a Consultant, and with companies such as The Walt Disney Co./Game Div/The Lion King, etc support!). So although I  had already been to the suggested link 3 times previous, I thought, ok, Ill try it again. And again, no success...this is simply something the company seems to be PURPOSELY TRYING TO MISLEAD EVERYBODY, but I noticed that on many of these "leading me on" pages, there was a repeated amount of links suggesting I go to sign up for Premium- even tho I already am a Premium one day member (and was signed up for an annual membership when I could not find it also,,,but after about 4hrs. of searching over a period of several days, I somehow, accidentally found it in some in-conspicuous little no-where corner with no bold print, nor larger font, nor underline nor nothing that looked any different than the text you're reading right here (other than a hot-link on one or two words, as I recall)!!

  By the way I have been with Skype off and on since before 2004, and constantly a month to month subscriber since 2007!) 

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Where? Please post it right now if you can!

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Suppposedly (got these off the forum)...I went to the second one, that was suggested by one of the support guys with skype:
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Yeah, so what? I clicked on it, and it didnt take me to any link that would say "live chat" or go to a "live chat" hot link/connection!
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