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language settings

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i am using skype on the macbook air, and all of a sudden, the settings changed to chinese!  no idea why, but i cannot change the language settings back to english, because the menu is set in chinese! help me!!!!

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I'm a Windows type of guy and have never set eyes on the Mac user interface.  I can show you what the menus look like in the Windows version.  If it's not similar enough to help, post your question in the Mac forum.


On the Skype menu bar, click on the second menu from the right; then the second menu from the top (change language); then the 10th menu item from the top (English).


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OK, but How can I change language in Apple computer??

It don't have the icon Tools!!!


Save me.....



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I recommend that you always run the latest Skype version: Windows & Mac

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Language settings are to be found in System Preferences' Language and Text pane. If your computer has miraculously switched to Chinese, you may need to find that pane by its icon (a flag). It's probably the fifth from the left in the top row in System Preferences. When you've found it, click/drag English to the top of the list and restart your computer. That should do it.
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