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iMessage for Mac is out! Skype better start listening

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To all those people at Skype,

Thank you for ignoring all our advice and criticisms with your, frankly rubbish interface in Skype 5.

With the new iMessage out on Mac (available on Apple's website), finally a credible alternative to your (until recently) admittedly indispensible application is now out.

I fear (but know) that if you do not listen to our concerns and change this horrendous UI, you may be about to lose a colossal amount of users. Not that we might care very soon.

Ignore this message at your own peril!

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Routine Adventurer

True, but until Messages can provide a way to chat and video-call cross-platform, and place voice calls to both mobiles and landlines, then I'm afraid that we're stuck with Skype for Mac.

Novel Tourist
In fact imessages do have cross-platform-video. It uses google chat and i tried just today to call my friend over it.
Routine Adventurer

Great news.  What's the sound/video quality like?

Novel Adventurer

AGREED. The moment I find something that does what I need without Skype, I am ditching this lowsy GUI for something faster, smaller (screen-space), and shows important information like WHO IS ONLINE, not all kinds of unnecessary rubbish.

Former Staff
Novel Adventurer

I appreciate your response staff moderator, but I have you read the comments on the site you just recommended? The new Skype is quite a disappointment. That little CMD+3 does not count. It is not useful and I can't for the life of me figure out how to get chat windows to shrink down. They still take up way too much room. The best part about this for you is, you already have a working model, Skype 2.8! 


Like many comments say, I am sticking to Skype 2.8 until something gets changed.

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