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i can hear them but they cant hear me.

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I have a Mac Pro osx10.6.8 and i have down loaded the new version of skype.

I have checked my configerations for my mic on my Mac and it is working fine. I have configured the mic in Skype preferences and all it is showing up in the drop down boxes, but it is not working as the bar is not registering and i can't hear it.

I have uninstalled it, i have re-installed it and i have even installed an older version just to see if it is the new software ,but nothing works. I am now running the newest available version. Is there drivers available to download? i am running out of options and i need this for work.

please help as this is driving me nuts!


kind regards Chris 

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Have you selected "automatically adjust microphone settings" in Preferences?


Are all other applications which have used the mic closed? It may be necessary to restart Skype after using the mic for something else (I've heard others say that but never have needed to myself)

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hi yeah "automatically adjust microphone" and yeah all other applications are closed.
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i am having the same problem and i am paying for a subscription i cant use, let me know if you get this figured out please.

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Hi, sorry I'm using Windows 7 32-bit and IE 9 , having the same problem. Can you please help me, thanks.
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:catsad:I have new headphones and I can hear my friends but they can't hear me:catsad:

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Yes I'm having the same problem too, but on the Skype test call u can check if ur settings r fine and if u can hear yourself after recording a message it means its fine, which means that there's something wrong with the other persons audio settings. My friend has found something wrong with his audio settings and doesn't know how to fix it which means he can't hear me.
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I"m having the same problem.  I have tried multiple devices and accounts and was begining to think it must be related to poor satelite serivce.  However video and voice calls to computers are working fine.  I would very much like to find a solution to this problem soon.

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This is on skype credit. Skype works fine. Skype credit works on my Ipad but NOT my iphone! I have tried everything.
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Hi! Is their an update for iOS 7? Coz I'm using an iPad and while using skype, the other end can't hear me but I hear them. Thanks.
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