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how to open my webcam window before the call so I can see what the camera angle looks like?

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Novel Tourist

I used skype in dec 2009, and it was very easy and quick to use.   But in the past few days, I tryed to use it again, and I am having all sorts of trouble.   First I can't figure out how to get my video window open before the call.  I wanted to set up some lighting so it wasn't too dark for the videocall, but what do I click on to make it appear??  


Also, I can receive calls but can't call out.  I press on the call button, but nothing happens.  So I have to wait for the other person to call me.


Frustrating!  Lots more little issues like this.  What do I do?  The directions online just don't work.  Thanks in advance.  



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Novel Tourist

As far as seeing what your side of the conversation will look like, I usually go to the menu and Skype > Preferences (or command-comma), and click Audio/Video. 


That should show you what you need to see to prepare :happy:

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