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how to disable auto display for the "Dial Pad" ?

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Simple solution:


Just download Skype (latest version) from Skype site instead of upating it from Mac. The newlly installed Skype won't have this problem. 


I've just now ractified mine!

Casual Adventurer

For your information; i have just formatted my laptop and installed the newst version and i got this problem and i posted this therad right away !!



Skype really needs to step up and update their products, not just taking money from their customers without support!!!


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Any reply???


that window still annoying me 


any solutions??? 

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I have the same issue on my new Mac as well with the latest version of Skype. It's a HUGE source of aggrevation.

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I guess I'll be joining the party here when I say that there should be an option to automatically hide the Dial Pad since it's so annoying. I just got my MacBook and was not happy to find out that it actually keeps popping out the Dial Pad.

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this is soooo annoying!!! I remember having had this before in some earlier version, now this stupid dial pad is back again.

@Skype team: Can't be to hard to fix this...

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I can't beleive it!!!! Something so little, and so deviously annoying. WHY IS THERE NOT AN OPTION!!! Bad R&D, bad QC, great idea. Get this fix implemented! Please!
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ME2 n):

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Although, I started my own thread about this. I'm gonna mention on here that I too have the same annoying issue! The more of us that do, the likelier it is it will get fixed. But, I wonder what will break on the next update...?


It is **bleep**ing aggravating....



Fix the pop-up, please!
It is not useful.
A week of this pop-up games and i think twice before opening the skype.