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group conference call with mac

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When I add a second caller, the video goes out for all the callers. I get an error symbol, a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark, on the icon of the second person I added to the conference.

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I am having the same issue.  It seems that whomever I first connected with can see me but I can't see any of the videos in the calls and it's only on group calls...I don't have any video issues on individual calls.

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Having the same problem. Paid $50+ for a year. Three of us have been on several calls and either we can't see each other, or one is frozen or one can't hear. We have to keep disconnecting video or audio and reconnecting to see or hear.


There seems to be zero customer support, and little or no concern with giving quality for what we are paying. 

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Same problem as those above.  When I try to add the third caller, skype will not connect;when it does connect either audio or video is often missing from one caller.

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You're lucky, we keep bouncing around, all five or six of us, every time someone new takes the mike. It's like Hollywood Squares meets CUBE. We're dizzy before the introductions are done!
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We are having a similar experience. cannot video with more than one other person We do have Skype Premium. Please advise when this will be fixed.
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I have similar problem and found ZERO support so far. is your problem solved if yes please let me know the resolution

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Are there really no solutions to this? Can a Mac not conference call with more than one Windows PC? I get the same exclamation mark on both accounts when I try to have 2 guests on my call.

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I am having the same issue. Indiviidaully I could speak to each of my friends. However, in a group call the video didn't work for eith. However, only one person had this yellow triangle. If one person's doesn't hav ethe lastest version of skype will this prevent the group call from working?

Staff Moderator

No, the call will continue for the other clients. However, please be aware that not all Skype clients support group video calling. I don't know your setup, but perhaps this post will help explain something.

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