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don't see tools>options as a choice

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I just got skype on my Mac laptop and can't find tools>options>audio settings to check my mic. I think I am not seeing the choices at the top....maybe I'm not even fully on Skype?? luddite, please help Maybe there is some start button?? So far I have skyped one friend we can see each other but she can't hear me.
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@catcarr:  Tools>Options is a MS Windows, not an OS X expression.


To find the same commands under any OS X application (Skype included), click the following in the toolbar;  Application name>Preferences.


You may find what you want under Skype>Preferences>Audio/Video.  Good luck.


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I too cannot find 'tools>options.Where are they hidden?

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They're neatly hidden in Microsoft Windows, as harrissjt has pointed out in the post immediately above yours.  Follow the instructions in that post and you'll be on the True Path to Enlightenment.  

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