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can't see video or be seen

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I can connect on skype but can't see video or be seen. I've tried downloading a more recent version of skype in case that could help but it says I can't use it with the version of Mac OS X I use. 


I have video enabled on skype. Maybe there is somewhere on the macbook that the video is turned off but I can't see it. When I skype I can just see myself on video.


I'd be grateful for any tips.


Is there a skype support phone line at all?


thanks very much.


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Hi :-)


If you are using 10.4, the only version you can use is 2.8.

Unfortunately, there have been changes in the way video is being communicated, and newer clients have newer, more performant video systems, that are not compatible with older versions of Skype such as 2.8.


If the user is on Mac OS too, there is one sort of solution, you can ask them to revert to an earlier version of Skype when they want to have a video chat with you.

It's not really ideal, but at least it should work

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