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camera not showing me on Skype using latest version of iMac os x and Skype

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How do we resolve the problem of so many people's videos (webcams) suddenly not working when making or receiving video calls? Is there someone to speak to? I need to make an important business video conference call this PM.

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See this exchange from two weeks ago:


There is no official Skype Mac archives page (that I could find) so I found this site:
and here is the direct URL:
Re: camera not showing me on Skype using latest version of iMac os x and Skype

2 weeks ago
Thank you! Going back to a previous Skype version finally did work. However I had to take different steps to get it going: First, I downloaded 5.4 version... no results.  Then I went back one update before 5.8, that is the 5.7 version and the camera still did not work. It took to Repair Disk Permissions and then to reset the SMC, and the camera came back.
It is possible that Skype v. 5.8 may work after resetting the SMC. Check Mac support for this. Or just go back to v. 5.7

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I have exactly the same problem, I am using my Mac with skype with 2 years, suddenly 2 days ago ,same problem appeared. I didnt update or delete anything, I can see and hear them, they can hear me but They cant see me. I checked with my iphone and no problem, they can see me on my iphone with the same skype account.

My webcam is working, I checked at another website, I am using integrated original up screen webcam. I dont use additional webcam. I checked on preferences of mac of skype and it is green but I cant see myself. Please urgent help !

I downgraded down to 5.2 ,I was using 5.8 but nothing changed.

Shame on you skype, no explanation and solution so far.

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I can see my caller but he/she cannot see me.  I checked my settings and everything seems to be OK.  Please, please, this is very frustrating, how can I get my image back

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I have had the same problem and frustration for months :mad: and have finally found a solution to my iSight not working in Skype :happy:.


I found that I needed to remove a QuickTime plugin called CamCamX5.component.


First of all, make sure you have closed Skype and iChat (Messages as it is now called in Mountain Lion). Then to locate the plugin file  (CamCamX5.component) either do a search of your hard drive to find it or go straight to the folder where it is located i.e. Macintosh HD\Library\QuickTime where "Macintosh HD" is the name of my hard drive.


Once located you can either delete the file competely or move the file out of the Quicktime folder to another location. Either way you will need to authorise the moving/deleting of the file by entering your administrator password.


Now restart Skype, open Preferences and select the Audio/Video button to display the Audio/Video options. The camera "Built-in iSight should be selected and your iSight camera should now be working.


Hope this works for you as it did for me !! y):


Good luck


Oh and by the way, my Skype has also stopped hanging at start up which seems to me to be related to my iSight cam not working in Skype. 


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Can someone from Skype PLEASE respond to these problems?? I am having the same problem. Skype was working fine yesterday and now today it stopped. I can see his camera and hear him fine...however, he can hear me but NOT see me. I took some of the advice on here and uninstalled new version and reinstalled an older version....still doesn't work. I am on a Macbook Air. Please Help!!

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I cannot make videocalls any more. I get a message that states that my camera is off and it is not. what do I have to do?
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Yea I am having this issue where it is telling me it is off but when I click on photobooth it's functioning.


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Having this problem too. What is Skype's solution?

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