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camera not showing me on Skype using latest version of iMac os x and Skype

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Tried that, still not working though

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Upgrading to has fixed this issue.
Had to download it directly form the website (not appearing in automatic update yet)
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I am gaving the same problem. Any idea how to address this issue?

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To fix the issue see message 16. You have to downgrade to an older version:


You will have to wait few months until they release a newer version that fixes it.

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I'm an old guy, and don't have much knowledge about computers.  I too am encountering the camera problem.  How do I download the old version (does it still work?)?  I tried to download it, but that didn't correct the problem.  How do I start fresh & get rid of all the new program that I downloaded? I'm using a Mac OS X 10.6.4

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You can learn more about uninstalling an app by readin this:

or watching this video:


You can download the old app by visiting this URL:

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I also wish that someone from Skype would give us some practical answers. In fact, my video worked well for a while, and then I upgraded my iMac's system, not Skype's. I realize now that that's when my video stopped working when I opened Skype again. I have tried to fix it by reloading and reinstalling Skype, but nothing helped! Please your help! It's of the utmost importance for me, because my sister and family is overseas; I am with my mother, who is almost blind, and Skype has been the only vehicle to see my sister. Thanks.

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I also downloaded from the internet the same version, however it didn't fix the problem. As mentioned earlier, the problem with the video started for me after I upgraded the iMac's system... I did go to the experts at the Apple store, but they all reassured me there was nothing wrong with my computer but rather with Skype, because the video camera is working fine with other programs. 

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My problem seems very similar and possibly related. However, my camera works fine. People see me, but I cannot see them. Their cameras work fine and other people can see them when they skype, but I cannot get any incoming video. There is another thread about problems with incoming video, but perhaps these two problems are one and the same, just people are approaching it from the two sides.


I have an older Mac operating system: 10.5.6

I cannot afford to upgrade because I cannot afford all the software that I use for my work which I would then need to upgrade.

Skype was working fine for me until about 2 weeks ago. Then suddenly I stopped being able to see other people on Skype. (Though they can see me).

Did Skype release a new version that most people upgraded to?

The only thing I can think is that my older version of Skype ( - I cannot use newer versions on my older op system) is now in some way incompatable with video coming from new versions of Skype. Does anyone out there have a way they could test  out this theory?



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If anybody has heard from official Skype people on solution to this problem, please post, thanks.


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