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Wrong Phone Prefix to all my contacts + Deleting a phone number within a contact

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I need to delete one of the phone numbers within a contact list under "Status". I did delete the whole contact info, but when I reinstall it by searching under " add Contact" it appears again all the inf that I deleted.


I'm having the problem also if I try to get any number from the list "Address Book", since automatically Skype has added my phone prefix to all (the ones within my country has double listed the prefix + the international ones has also my prefix) making all the list from address book worthless. To dial a number I have to do it by hand


I have a Mac OS X version 10.5.8 + Skype  version


Thanks for your help

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I have the same issue and can not find a solution. I´ve just gone in to Skype preferences and turned off "Show Address Book Contacts". Then I created a new contact in Skype with the correct info. A hassle, yes, but I don´t have so many contacts to manage so...
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Me too any solutions thanks ; )
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I too have a skype contact list with the wrong country code in front of the contact number.  Where the contact in my iMac contacts file has a country code included in it already, skype has added an additional (correct or incorrect) country code.  I need to make all my skype-to-phone-calls manually on the skype dial pad.


If anyone has a useful approach to dealing with this I would be grateful to  hear from you, as we all would.

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Try this: In Skype's Calls preference panel, select "Select Country or Region" (the first item in the lengthy list of countries) rather than a a specific country.  Selecting a default country causes Skype to prefix telephones with +countrycode.  If your address book also includes country codes, you get extra digits.  Selecting NO country in Skype's preferences should solve the issue:


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