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Will Skype be updated for Notification Center?

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Basically the subject, will Skype be updated to support Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion's Notification Center?

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I really hope that's included in future updates as I want to keep all my notifications centralized in the new notification center.


Any response from the Skype team?

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This is a MUST for skype, they should have foreseen this with the Mountain Lion update.

Let´s hope they don´t take too long!
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Is there really nobody from Skype on this Forum?

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Community Ambassador

Although Skype staff may occasionally visit, this is a user forum.  One cannot count on Skype personnel monitoring it.

Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem.
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Thank you for your feedback. Do you know where I can contact Skype about that matter?

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This should be a priority for the Mac client given the fast adoption of Montain Lion.

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Yep it's needed! Growl is fine but I uninstalled it since I'm happy with Notification Center. But the default Skype notifications are ugly... And the goal is to have all notifications in the same place so please add this.

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My understanding is that for Mac OS X apps to make use of the notification center, they have to be distributed through the Mac App Store.  In order to do that, Skype will have to do some reengineering of their app so that they can get it approved.

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That's not true, though--Chrome supported Notification Center out of the box for me, and I don't remember it being distributed through the App Store, nor did I aquire it by that means.


Skype should definitely get on this, I'm eager to make the stupid notification center more useful.

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