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Why is Delete Contact grayed out in the menu????

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I am trying to delete a person I blocked and cannot find any way to do it.  What am I missing?  Note: they are not in my Address Book - they are people I don't know and don't want to know.  I block them and they keep appearing in my contacts as BLOCKED!!  I select Contacts in the Menu and nearly all options are grayed out including DELETE CONTACT.  Why??? What is the fix??

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Since the blocked party isn't in your Contact list, you can't remove him/her from the list. This might work: UNBLOCK the party, then set your privacy preferences to only allow calls/video, etc., from your contacts. A restart may be necessary. Sorry I can't do better for you, as I don't receive unwanted calls, having set my privacy levels to prevent almost everyone from getting through. Yes, I'm antisocial.
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this is how i do it and it seems to work-after i select the contact that i want to delete/block u need to right click on mouse/touch pad and click on "remove from contacts" then (for some reason) after i do this i have to select the contact again 'cause it still is appearing in my contact list and after "double" clicking  on this name u will get an addl box asking to "BLOCK"this person/and/to REPORT ABUSE and then hit block-that seems to wrk and the name is then totally deleted-i hope i am making sense to u but that is how i delete contacts.  it is a( 2 )step process .I'll repeat;1.)select contact u want to delete 2.)right click on mouse/touch pad ,then hit remove fr contacts 3.)that does not remove the contact name though( it seems to me)-step#3 click again(maybe even "double"click on that same contact name) 4.)that brings up a "block"box /report abuse box asking u if u wish to block this person-hit yes. FINISHED!!!!name is removed fr contact list-atleast thats how it wrks for me-if there is an easier /other way i dont know.  and in my settings i do have "anyone can contact me/send me IM messages"-that setting i may change.

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You are BRILLIANT!!!!!  After months I have finally found something that works!  Yes - the trick is you can't just block them.  You have to ADD them as a contact first!!  Once you do that you THEN block them and they disappear!!!  YEA!!!  I love you!!!!

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so glad that wrked for u-

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I had the same problem with unwanted requests so I just blocked them because delete was greyed out.  This is what worked for me: unblock the contact then block again by doing the procedure below (when you tick the box report abuse the blocked contact will dissappear) :


To block a contact and report abuse:

  1. Go to the Contacts or Recent tab, right-click the contact’s name and select Block This Person...
  2. In the message box, tick Report abuse if you wish to alert Skype of a nuisance contact.
  3. Click Block
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af4's explanation works.  Thank you for your detailed instructions.  These unsolicited contacts that I'd blocked but who were still appearing were driving me crazy.  Now they're gone.  Thanks again.

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Thanks af4, should it really be that difficult to delete a contact??? what do you want for free right?

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