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Why does skype give a "Skype Access is not supported" error? How then can I get online?

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Skype Access

Skype Access is not supported

Your current Wi-Fi network "" does not support Skype access. Please try another public network.

Tip: Skype Access does not work with private or closed networks.



skype Version


This is not "OK." Where is the "I disagree" button? How many networks do you think I have? I am not some rich business. I can't just put in some new network, just because your software doesn't work. skype is a software feature, not a network feature, so stop lying and saying there's something wrong with my network, when I have been streaming YouTube, TWiT, and all sorts of video over it. My internet connection obviously works, so it must be your software that is in error, giving bogus error messages. I have DSL coming to my Mac mini (Mac OS 10.7.2) through Wi-Fi router from at&t.


I have a friend waiting for me to contact her by skype. But your software doesn't work. What gives? Fix it, please. Your skype error message doesn't suggest any alternatives that make any sense.

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So if Skype Access (Wi-Fi) doesn't work, then why did "Skype test call" work?


Does anybody test the skype software and check to see if newbies can figure out how to use it?


I didn't see anything, not even in the error message, to indicate that Skype Access (Wi-Fi) is not relevant to a typical home desktop computer's usage. I was just trying out the new menu, trying to figure out how to get skype turned on. I don't know why the menu wouldn't change my status to Online the first time I tried it, but it does now?


Now I have a question about headsets. I bought a basic headset with swing-out microphone. But the audio tests (skype and Sound control panel) do not indicate any volume input from the microphone. Does Mac mini not have a "microphone" jack? It it really Line level input? How am I to get that much voltage (about 1 volt) through a microphone? I tried everything, couldn't get any response in the tests, finally juryrigged an old headphone through a "microphone" jack on an old boombox (Some headphones work okay as a microphone, when plugged into the microphone jack. Might be a little weak, so I turned my Mac's input volume to maximum. I don't know where my old model Mac's microphone is, that came with my old Mac that has long ago been boxed up.), to try to rig an audio boost, and ran a Line Out adapter cord from my boombox Line Out to my Mac's Line In, and finally got an audio response to input sounds. I thought Macintosh could do skype? So why is there no (more sensitive) microphone jack, but a Line In, which requires more voltage (about 1 volt)? I can't blame skype for that, but rather, Apple. Software can't do much about hardware defects or poor hardware design. I think my headset may also be defective, and I just bought it a few weeks ago. Should I have just bought a costly USB headset?


It should not be this complicated. And I'm not even bothering with video.

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I returned my headset to the store, as apparently I don't need it. All 2 people I talked to, say audio quality sounds fine.


Why can't I set up Voicemail? I activate it, but never can I get to any Voicemail options in Preferences. It just keeps going to skype website to activate Voicemail, but website says it's already Active. Didn't I see somewhere that Voicemail is free? So why does it not work? I turned it back off, since no options to set it up, are ever available. No wonder so many people are going to competitor services. This skype software should have been tested.


How many days, and never any response to any of my questions?

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Don't expect anyone to actually fix things for you from this forum. As it states above, it's only "Social Support for Skype users". However, many answers can be found here if you look around enough. For example, your issues with sound and headphones has been discussed ad nauseum on this forum - I'm sure you can find the threads to connect to for this subject. You'll also see that there is a whole host of problems with the latest versions of Skype for Mac. Luckily I'm on 10.5.8 and went back to the simple and very reliable version

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I gather you've tried the help file:


I'm not using the latest version of Skype like yourself, but I would assume these instructions should work for the newer Skype versions...

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Well of course I looked at that FAQ in the link. Why else would have I have been trying to turn on Voice Mail? The first time I may have seen the Voice Mail FAQ, I was just looking through Preferences trying to figure out how to make my first skype call, and so setting up every detail wouldn't have seemed important. But the FAQ is wrong, for magically pretending like the skype program works, doesn't make it work in my case. If I was supposed to wait for a week for the skype program to notice that Voice Mail was turned on in the website, wouldn't the website have told me what delay to expect? I do what I'm supposed to do on the website, then the Preferences just takes me to the website again and again, and will never advance, and I never saw any options to record a Voice Mail greeting. skype Voice Mail is broken, and won't move on. That can't be anything I am doing wrong, for if the skype program ignores settings and won't advance, puts me in some infinite loop that goes nowhere, that's not my fault, and I didn't write the broken skype program code to have caused the malfunction, so if I do everything right and it doesn't work, then the program is broken. The only thing you suggested that makes any sense, is to use an older version of skype, as this one is apparently broken. But it does make skype calls apparently, and that was the main thing I was looking for. I already have an answering machine in my cordless phone, so if my 2 skype contact friends will just call me back, then maybe I don't need skype Voice Mail? I don't understand it anyway? Will my computer ring twice, then go to Voice Mail right away while I am fumbling around to get to my (Mac mini) computer to bring up skype and answer? Then I can't talk to the person, because Voice Mail has taken over?


skype is a hodgepodge of a program that hardly works at all, so I'm not surprised people are complaining about this 5.3 version and deserting to go to competitor programs like Google Voice or Gotomeeting or whatever? I don't have that option, I don't think, because the whole reason I downloaded skype, is because of a person who wanted to talk to me through skype. Will she switch, just because the nearly latest version for Mac, is broken? I think she has a PC Windows machine. Or should I try that new Beta version I saw? Or is that one even more broken, as "Beta" means that it's still in the testing phase?


Forum won't "fix" problems. Well yeah, I sort of suspected that. That's what a rip-off economy we have now, due to government high taxes and the endless layoffs and jobs fleeing the country, due to excessive taxes and regulations. Everybody wants things cheaper or free, so there's not enough money to properly support products anymore. Apparently not enough "staff" personal around here, who know much of anything. Just volunteer people like myself, who come to the support forum, when they are also having some problem. It would be like going to a store, and having to look for a customer to help me, since the store is too cheap to hire any staff to merchandise or explain products. Which is probably a reason why low-wages-always Wal-Mart is closing stores. The broke Obama-nomics economy, and the lack of helpful staff anywhere to be found. Just buy something, and if it doesn't work, throw it away, buy a competitor product, buy half a dozen products, until something finally works, or you give up and find some other solution. We live in a world of shoddy products, a world falling apart, where unless you are super-tech-savvy, one must spend as much time fighting with products or computer programs that don't work, as with getting useful benefit from them. No wonder some people are getting rid of their TVs, and maybe their computers, and going off in the mountains somewhere to get off the broken grid, and live more primitive? This technical life isn't what it's cracked up to be?


Now about the headset, just another example of what a shoddy, falling-apart world we live in. I never could get the microphone to work at all, so I returned the headset to the store, after having better success with some old headphones, the foam padding cover having disintegrated and falling off due to age, dry-rot. Plugged into the REAL microphone jack of my boombox, boosted to Line Out on the back of my old 1980s boombox, back when quality products were still made, I get enough signal to my Line In (fake microphone jack that is really but a Line In that isn't mic-sensitive?) jack on my Mac mini, turned up to maximum sensitivity, that people I talk to, say they can hear me fine. In this age of social networking websites, why is the simple headset I buy a piece of made-in-China junk, but I piece together a juryrigged solution out of old stuff, and it works better than the new crap? So I know how to make something work, when I have something to actually work with.


I think my solution will be to wait for my skype FREETALK phone adapter to come, hope and pray I can get that configured and working, then perhaps my cordless phone will record skype phone messages for me? (In the rare instances I am not home to hear my cordless phone handsets ring.) I wanted the phone adapter, because I'm more likely to hear my cordless handsets ring, than the computer ring back in the back bedroom. Since such simple devices actually work, unlike some features of the latest buggy 5.3 skype for Mac. There's only but about 2 advantages of Voice Mail over simple answering digital machines anyway? Perhaps longer recording time, capacity, and the ability to take Voice Mails when the phone line (or communications channel) is busy.

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Geez, dude. I was just trying to help a bit. Wasn't quite prepared for a rant about the host of problems that besets the world we live in. But before you give up completely on Skype, you really should try trashing your current version and downloading the version (I've checked a bit and apparently it runs on OS 10.7.2). I couldn't inform you about any headphone issues with the 2.8 version, but it works perfectly well for me and has for over a year. For something that's free, I've no complaints. If you do decide to use this version and it works for you, contact me again and I'll give you a "go-around" that gets the voicemail to actually work.


All the problems with the user interface and other major issues seem to have started with the 5.x versions. I'm relatively new to this forum, despite the lofty title of Advisor that I've been given, but others here like mkichaa and Foyan seem to be the most informed and helpful.


Buena suerte...

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