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Volume and Mute

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Novel Adventurer

WHY the heck would you take away the volume control and mute controls in Skype? They were not only useful, but necessary. This is ridiculous?


Also, the program crashes constantly, and Skype constantly drops my video connection, and I have keep turning my video back on.


I guess being bought by Microsoft was the worst thing to happen.


But at least, why the FRACK would you take something like the volume controls OUT of the program? Makes ZERO sense.

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Reliable Adventurer

Totally agree about the inconsistencies.


But to get volume control, try a free add-on from Rogue Amoeba -- "SoundSource":


I've been using it for years. Add it to your top menu bar (preferences allow to do so).

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Casual Tourist

There's not even a mute button..


I mean, come on..



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Casual Adventurer

to mute on latest version of skype on apple computer press command + shift + M.


or go to conversation on the top menu and select mute.


to increase decrease volume use the computers sound up or down key from the key board.


this is how I use it and it works perfectly well

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Novel Adventurer
do you know the shortcut for mute when out of the skype window? as the command + shift + m only works inside the chat window
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Experienced Adventurer

Surely if you are outside the Skype window you're going to be muting the mic system-wide? I'm not aware of any shortcut to do that. I think you'd have to create one. 


... but if you want to use the mouse, clicking the mic icon in the conversation window mutes it.


It looks like Microsoft are standardising Skype across platforms by removing stuff from the Mac version instead of adding it to Windows 

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Novel Adventurer

I joined here to add my voice to this opinion.  I need volume controls!

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Novel Adventurer

[invalid URL]


I downgraded.

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Novel Adventurer

Version 5.4 has volume controls.

mac (dot) oldapps (dot) com 



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Novel Tourist

To use mouse to mute mic, I hate it.


I want to have Mute short cut key , too.


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