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Voice message arrives hours later

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Novel Adventurer
I see a missed call or let it go to voice mail, I get an email saying a voice message has been left, then it can take 2 hours or more before it appears in the desktop app so I can listen to it. Sometimes it never arrives. Is there another way I can listen to them until its fixed ? I down graded from latest Skype to V2.8 and the problem is still there, so its not the Mac desktop app. Any help please ?
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Casual Adventurer

You're not alone. I'm on a mac, but pick up my calls on a Linxys iPhone (heh) system, and others on the PC side are seeing the same thing:


I think it's their servers, not our computers. (Hooray, Windows for taking over Skype and breaking it!)


We've been able to "get around it" albeit at some trouble by making a call, then hanging up and the voice messages come in. Try that mbmark!


(I'm moving off this system shortly because I can't have my work calls coming in hours later or keep having to guess if someone called if I walked away from my desk.)

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Novel Tourist

I have the same problem too and am on Windows... it is driving me nutty.  I get the email notification and there is no voice message to be found. 


Ive tried the tip of making a call and yes - this has worked!!!!  I'll also lagit as a problem though as its not reasonable that we should hav to do this to pick up mail!

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