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Video when minimized

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Novel Tourist

Usually, when i minimize the skype window, a small pop-up box appears in the top-right corner with the video of the other person and you have the option of hiding of showing the video. i can't seem to get the video on, i just get a small bar with the other persons name and duration of the call.

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Casual Adventurer

I have this problem too .. Does anyone know how to get the little video to re appear!?

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Novel Tourist

Also having this problem.  Began when I updated to Skype  Really annoying.  It looks like you should be able to open the video by clicking on / dragging down the small icon at the bottom of that "current call" window (see below), but I can never get it to do that.  My girlfriend (who still has an older version) doesn't have any problem with hers.  Any help is appreciated!

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Former Staff

First, please make sure you run the latest version 6.1 (Skype > About Skype). If you still don't have video of a person you call (Skype is in background) and see the icon as shown on your screenshot, try to click in the bottom part of this window, exactly in the middle, where the icon should be.

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Novel Adventurer

Hey there MisterB.


Thanks for the input. However, I still seem to have difficulties when trying to view a given video/picture in this minimized window. I have looked for several topics here, tried to alter settings, and also fully reinstalled the Skype program. Yet, nothing seems to help. Enclosed I am sending a picture of my problem - the small white window on the bottom of your picture of the last post that you included, I simply do not have. This problem implies whether the phone call is ringing or not, it does not matter.


I would really appreciate your help.






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Casual Adventurer
See where you've circled the blank spot? Look towards it's left, the little square with the down arrow, click that and it should restore your camera pop out
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Novel Adventurer

Right. Thank you. But see though, my window is actually on the left of it and I do not have this 'white window.' The picture I've used is from the previous post and my call is on the left of the circled one..

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Novel Adventurer

Here is actually another screenshot that shows more specifically and clearly that I unfortunately do not have this white window. I really do not know what has happened and what to do about it anymore.. Thank you in advance for any advice!!

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Former Staff
First of all, both screenshots shows "Ringing", which means calls were not established yet. If you want to see incoming video, call has to be established and the other person has to have video enabled.
Second screenshots shows that call is being made to regular phone number and not to Skype, so there will not be any incoming video to see.
Please install the latest version of Skype 6.2, call your Skype contact, wait for answer and when call is in progress, make sure both of you (or only your caller) have video enabled. Then you should see video and icon to hide/show it when Skype is in background.
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