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Video not working on skype

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The last few times I've tried to use skype video call I can't get the video to work, even though the audio is working.  Nothing has changed in the way I'm using it, so I am wondering what to do. My skype is up to date. And I Know the camera on my macbook is working as it works for google + hangout.


And, to add, I can see the other person's video they just can't see mine. 


I need this feature for business meetings.


Thank you,



UPDATE: now it's working but I don't know why - I don't think I did anything to make that happen so I guess I'll just keep watching to see if it carries on working. Can you shed any light on this?

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Have you been using FaceTime or iMessage at all? If so, close both of those and Skype. Then restart Skype (leaving both FaceTime and iMessage closed) and you should, hopefully, have your camera view back.

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thanks for that question. No, I haven't. Is it possible that by experimenting with Google hangout (also camera based) that it interrupted the communication between my camera and skype. Thing is, I can't remember if this happened before I started using google hangout - I think it might have.

Any other ideas for what may have caused it? 



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I am having the same problem. Everything is set up correctly in the audio/video area. I can see live picture there, but when I skype my friends can't see me. I can see them though and the sound is perfect. I don't use any other video calling systems. Help!

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Can you please check with your friends that everybody involved in the call is on the latest Skype version from ?

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I have the latest version of Skype, and the latest version of OSX and Skype just isn't stable. My correspondents (on MACs) can see and hear me well, but I just get a stuttering or frozen video image of them, with also broken up video.


I am not even sure what the video window is supposed to look, sometimes a seperate video window pops up, othertimes it is part of the Skype (home) window.


Really bad and very bad advetisement for Skype.


When are we going to get a real MAC version of Skype, with a real MAC look & feel, and especially the MAC famous reliability )



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skyp video is not working .i dont know what problam
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why isn't skype responding to these issues with mac??  I haven't heard anything from them and have all the same issues with the video no longer working with the latest version of skype.  PLEASE HELP, SOMEONE!!

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Stuttering or poor video could be weak internet connection at the video sender's end.  Get this quite often when Skyping to my girlfriend & she is using wifi, but rarely when she is using Ethernet connection.


The other issue is the Skype seems to be cutting the old versions of Skype off from video calls, cutting the legions of PPC Macs from video calling, and then they seem to have blocked hosting old versions of Windows Skype.


Is this Microsoft abusing their monopoly position as they do with OEM Windows pricing, big discount if OEMs exclusively ship Windows OS, which is why the far superior Linux distributions disappeared from the shelves

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Hi Peter,

"The other issue is the Skype seems to be cutting the old versions of Skype off from video calls, cutting the legions of PPC Macs from video calling, and then they seem to have blocked hosting old versions of Windows Skype."

Does that mean that I have no chance to make Skype work again on my old iBook with 10.4. and ppc? It was all fine untill I reinstalled skype. Since then no more video calls.

This is so annoying and doesn't make sence, because even as a Mac user you are a consumer putting money on their bank account to buy credit for telefon calls, I really don't get the point. Ahhh, so now I have to buy a computer with windows from microsoft, is this the goal?

You are a consumer, consuming their products almost night and day and it is still not enough. Getting angry doesn't change anything, finding solutions does...

Sorry, I have been busy with this for weeks now. And only slowly getting the bigger view
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