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Video is turned off on Mac

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Casual Tourist

Thanks in advance for your help.  I have a new MacBook Air.  My video works when using Apple's FaceTime in a Wi-Fi environment.  With Skype, I get a message saying my video is turned off.  The video is not displayed when checking in Skype>Preferences>Audio/Video, een though my Built-In FaceTime Camera is checked and selected.  I have the current version of Mac Lion and of Skype.  Why isn't my video on in Skype, and how can I fix that?

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Novel Tourist

I have the same problem.  Called Apple and said I need to reinstall Skype...No I really battle to get skype onto my mac...

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Novel Adventurer

same problem. reinstalled old version but still "video is turned off" Grrrrrrr

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Novel Tourist

Same problem here. Restarting the computer works, but the problem appears after the first Skype video call has been made.


Apple Snow Leopard 10.6.8 (latest updates)

Skype (latest)

Macbook Pro 2009 (unibody model)


This is different from a similar issue I've had before where Skype suddenly don't "see" the built in camera. Now it finds the camera, but I cannot turn on video - I get the same message as you.


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Novel Tourist

I had the same problem and just figured it out. You have to quit both Skype and FaceTime then restart Skype without Facetime running in the background. It should work.


Best of luck

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Novel Tourist

I have uninstalled all skype today and installed the latest version for mac. I have an imac and i can see the other person but my video wont tells me it turn it on but when i click it nothing happens and i have tried the preferences but i dont have the option to turn video on. The hd camera is ticked in the box...why why why wont it work. Its driving me mad ... it works on both the ipad and the iphone so what in simple terms do I need to do

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Novel Tourist

it also has to do with ANY application that uses the video camera,,,

can't just reboot or uninstall / install skype, doesn't matter!!!

need to ensure facetime/photo booth/imovie/ and any other camera apps are completely closed (quit), not just minimized,,, guarantee you have one open mate,,,

good luck!!!

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Novel Tourist

I had this problem and found that any other programme that uses the camera like photo booth etc. has to be quit before it will allow the video to run on skype.  I quit these applications and video started working straightaway. Hope this helps someone!

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Casual Adventurer

The new version is not reliable at all.  Have a Mac and sometimes skype just disappears completely or half my address book is missing.  Have to re-download it.   How did you manage to get the old version downloaded?   When i tried it would not allow it by not showing the old version available for download.    Should never have upgraded to the new version.

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Casual Tourist

Thanks for figuring this out for me! Had Photobooth running in the background and was mystified as to why Skype video suddenly wasn't working. Closed Photobooth and video came back.

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