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Video doesn't work after installing latest version of Skype.

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I am deeply frustrated and I hope you can help me! . After updating to the latest version of skype a few weeks ago, the video image fell out. I use mac OS X version 10.5.8, and my camera is iCamSource. The camera itself works on the mac, but when I go to preferences - audio/video (in Skype), the picture under video is totally blank. I have seen that some write that you should check if you have marked boxes with ex. allow video to start automatically etc., but I can't find any such boxes.


The iCam worked fine with the previous version of skype.


Sinceerly - Martha K. Andersen.

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I have the same problem after upgrading to the last version of Skype

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I just installed new the latest version of Skype and my Logitech C910 HD camera does not work. The camera mic, which Skype calls an unknown USB device seems to work, but no video.

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Mine doesn't either! I also have a Mac and my built-in camera was working just fine, when in the middle of a conversation with a friend (after already skyping more than 10 hours with other friends/family in previous days) my video went out, and the "video" button went away. My video works fine on PhotoBooth.  And I don't even have the option of enabling my camera under audio/visual preferences. Help?

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I too am extremely frustrated by this problem after installing latest version of Skype on my Mac with osX...has anyone solved it..if so please contact me at

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I'm new to Skype.  Downloaded for the first time last night and my camera to turn on the video has a red line through it that won't go away when I click on it to turn the video on. When I click on it it pops up a message that the video is off...duh!!!!  I even did a "join me" session and turned my mouse over to my son so he could figure it out, but to no avail. Very frustrating for my grandbaby who was sitting there waiting to see her GiGi...

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We are having the same problem.  Skype support team, please help!

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I have also installed the new version of skype after the video stopped working on the previous version but no joy..

I have a new macbook  air using Lion version 10.7.3, the video link was working fine then it just stopped. The voice is fine but there is no picture from my end. I can see and hear my caller perfectly.

help pleae 

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